Why get an HIV test from a pharmacist?

Ontario is joining other provinces in Canada that have piloted Pharmacy-delivered HIV testing to expand the ways in which people can access testing.

Pharmacy-delivered HIV testing has been found to be effective in reaching first-time testers and frequent testers who want access to testing services outside of regular business hours.

People feel comfortable getting a test from a pharmacist, and early involvement of pharmacists in HIV care can improve medication adherence and help people stay healthy.

The test at the participating pharmacies are free, but so are all HIV tests in Ontario. If you’re not nearby one of our pilot sites, you can use HIV411.ca to find a testing site near you.

You can ask for your free HIV test either directly at the pharmacy counter or by passing a handwritten note.

Shoppers Drug Mart
Bank & Gladstone
455 Bank St.
Ottawa ON M4T 1X3


The Village Pharmacy
535 Yonge St.
Toronto ON M4Y 1Y5



Ontario HIV Treatment Network
1300 Yonge Street, Suite 600
Toronto ON M4T 1X3